What’s new in Storman Cloud? (April 2022)

Whats new in Storman Cloud?

What’s New?
April 2022


Welcome back! Did you miss us? It has been such a long time since we last did an update to Storman Cloud, and we are super excited to bring you a huge list of changes, fixes, and improvements that we’ve been busily working on. Without further ado, let’s check out what’s new! As always, if you’d like to view our full release notes, you can find them via our support portal – go check it out!

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the latest and greatest in Storman Cloud. Read on to learn more!


BCC in email notices.

In the previous Storman Cloud update, you will remember we added some new functionality for your notices, such as adding default attachments to email notices, and automatically creating followups or tasks when a notice is sent.

We are excited to mention we have added something else new! The ability to configure a BCC email address against each one of your email notices! Perfect if you are using a marketing system such as Trustpilot, if you would like your facility manager or owner to be aware each time a 35-day late email is sent to someone who is extremely late. Or if you simply want to BCC someone, when sending a one-off email to a customer! Click here to find out more.


Important insurance updates.

If you offer insurance to your customers, you will notice some slight changes in this update. We have created a new insurance status drop-down menu, which has three options: no insurance, insured, and self-insured.

  • No insurance is exactly what it says!
  • Self-insured will allow you to record the insurance company your customer has arranged themselves.
  • Insured will allow you to add insurance into Storman, as you always have.

We have some more changes coming in this area, especially for the Aussies – stay tuned!


General Improvements.

  • We have slightly redesigned the edit unit screen, it was getting quite long and we were starting run out of room.
  • Users can no longer change their username from the My Profile screen, this needs to be done from the Settings > Users Roles and Staff PINs screen – by a user that has permission to access this area.
  • We’ve fixed a display issue, where SMS messages created via overnight processing could show that they had been sent at the same time as when they were created – even though they had not actually been sent!
  • Changing the content of an email in the bulk communicator will now actually save and send the changes you made, instead of sending the original notice template you selected to start with.
  • We have increased the character limit on the email subject field to 150, in case you need to use more words to get your message out there!
  • When adding a payment to a quick sale, we now have a new extra description field that can be used to record receipt numbers, etc.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where credit card payments (for Ezidebit) could save the incorrect reference number after processing a credit card.


Updates to reports.

The notice to vacate report has had a large number of improvements! This report now shows all units for agreements with multiple units. It will show agreements regardless of whether they have only a move out date, a notice date or both. It will also display the unit type of the unit in question.


We’ve got a stack of other updates and tweaks in this latest release! Check out our full release notes by clicking here.