Quick Wins for Your Self Storage Marketing

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Marketing is an evolving beast – with new software tools, search engine algorithms and social media platforms to learn every day. As we begin to close out the year, let’s set the scene and take a look at some key marketing findings for you;

    • Marketers are investing more in video than ever before
    • Over 49% of marketers plan to add YouTube & LinkedIn to their marketing efforts over the next 12 months
    • 43% of sales people say getting a response from prospects is more difficult than it was 3-4 years ago
    • 63% of website visits are from mobile devices
    • Google sells a smart speaker (eg Google Home) every second, and it is estimated that there are currently around 26.2 million households with a smart-speaker
    • More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day, and one-third of online activity is spent watching video.
    • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
    • Social video generates 12x more shares than text & images combined

With these learnings in mind, let’s take a look at a few quick wins that you can implement quickly, and easily, to help you gain an edge with your self storage marketing.

1. Use Live Chat on your website

Live Chat is a system whereby storers can chat (via written text) to you via your website to ask questions. It’s a great way to engage with a potential storer who might be keen on using your service, but has a burning question that may be preventing them from taking that final step. Many Live Chat apps have plug-ins for common website platforms, which makes integration a quick process, and some will include a companion mobile app – allowing you to respond to questions from anywhere (and not just your computer). Furthermore, some Live Chat apps can even be setup to automatically respond to certain questions (based on keywords or phrases) on your behalf. If Live Chat sounds like it might be too much to manage, having a detailed and ‘well stocked’ Frequently Asked Questions section on your website can also do the trick.

2. Ensure your Google Maps listing is up to date

I use Google Maps several times a day – everything from travel directions, to looking for a new place to have lunch or dinner (especially if I’m travelling or with a group of friends!). However, I’m quite surprised at the number of times I’ve turned up to a cafe on a public holiday only to find it closed (even when Google Maps said it was open). While I’ve never left a bad review in these instances, I’ve certainly read plenty of them. Remember, reviews can’t be deleted from your Google Maps business listing – so be sure to keep it up to date with your opening hours, especially on public holidays (you can add opening hours for any date in advance using the Google Business website, or the Google My Business app).

3. Post on social media with the help of a content calendar

Keeping your social media channels active builds brand awareness and allows you to connect with new & existing storers, but everyone has on and off days – and finding something creative to post can be tricky. This is where a content calendar can come in handy – a simple document or spreadsheet that helps you plan what to post, and when. When the creative juices are flowing, build up a bank of ideas for future posts. You can also tailor or ‘theme’ posts around upcoming events or holidays – such as a post about hiding gifts from the kids in a storage locker around Christmas time, and so on.

4. Build brand awareness through educational videos

Video content takes time to create & edit, but it’s also one of the most effective means of getting your message out in a fun and easily-digestible form. There are many ways you can weave video content into your customer experience – everything from a “how to” video showing users how to reserve a unit on your website, or how to make an online website payment for storage – through to explainer videos showing new storage users how to enter their PIN at the gate, how to pack their unit most efficiently, or a video describing which box is best suited for what. For existing storers, educational or ‘explainer’ videos are a great way to offload common questions and free-up staff to sell storage. For new storers, they’re a great tool for providing useful information in a branded manner – thus building brand loyalty and trust. Speak to us on how Storman can assist in marketing your facility. What else have you found that’s worked well for you? Leave me a comment below!

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