Photos from the 2017 Melbourne SSAA Networking Dinner

I recently attended the SSAA’s (Self Storage Association of Australasia’s) networking event & member Christmas party in Melbourne. It was a great evening, and offered a fantastic opportunity to catch up with everyone to close out the year and talk about some of Storman’s new modules such as the Unit Check web app, Online Move-Ins and Online Reservations. It was […]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Experiences (Part 2)


Part 2: Creating Content and Driving Emotion Touchpoints and Content In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the importance of the customer journey and outlined the stages a customer moves through as they progress from awareness to making a purchase, and then on to remaining a happy customer that will hopefully start to […]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Experiences (Part 1)


A Customer Journey is the term given to the complete experience that a customer goes through when interacting with your company and brand. While many companies spend time reviewing parts of the experience (for example, onboarding or transaction-based experiences), it’s just as important to unpack an experience from start to end and take the time […]

Storman recognised for Innovation at 2017 SSAA Awards

We are pleased to announce that Storman was honoured with the “2017 Innovation Award” at the recent Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) Owners conference, for our unique Storman Payment Services offering. For more than 25 years, Storman has been a proud Australian and New Zealand Self Storage industry participant.  Duncan Clarke the Storman General Manager […]

Top 5 things you should do (but typically don’t) to keep your self storage facility full

Most of the time, the ideas for my posts come from random moments of inspiration while waiting for something (be it the coffee machine or traffic lights), but today’s post actually comes from Thom – a client who suggested I tackle this one for him. So let’s dive right in and look at five ways to […]

Why Your Business Should Invest in Digital Real Estate

Self storage industry valuer, Malcolm Collins, recently wrote about freehold property worth. In his piece, Malcolm spoke of the traditional ‘real-world’ assets that one needs to consider when evaluating property worth – such as land, buildings, fixtures, fittings, etc. However, as Malcolm pointed out, digital real estate is just as important these days.   The […]

How Analysing Current Storers Can Help You Find Future Storers

Your current and past storers provide a wealth of information to you as part of their storage journey with you. By analysing your current (and past) storers, you can learn a lot about your “average storer” and use this to make targeted decisions about marketing spend, facility improvements and if expanding, what mix of units […]

Food For Thought – June 2017

A typical concern of self storage owners is the freehold property worth. While this used to encompass just its real assets (land, buildings, site improvements, fittings and fixtures, etc) and its notional leasehold or business value elements, it now also needs to include its “digital real estate”. This has been defined as website names, social […]

Storman Online Reservations & Move-Ins Now Available

Our new Online Reservations product lets you turn web traffic into foot traffic, by giving potential storers the power to commit to your facility through an online reservation – any time of the day or night. This easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tool can be branded in your colours and is integrated with your copy of Storman. You can also combine Online Reservations with […]

Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry [Slide deck]

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) 2017 “Staff Retreat”, which was held at the Novotel Sydney Central. Following the conference welcome & introduction, I kicked off Day 1 with a session titled Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry – where I took delegates through a […]