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Are you using Storman SMS?

As the world moves towards an ever-increasing reliance on digital communication methods, SMS has become [...]

9 New Ways to Engage Your Customers via SMS [Tipsheet]

SMS is a must-have tool in your arsenal for keeping in touch with your customers… [...]

Quick Wins for Your Self Storage Marketing

Marketing is an evolving beast - with new software tools, search engine algorithms and social [...]

The best customers are those that do the selling for you

Those familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) will know that there are three types [...]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Experiences (Part 3)

Part 3: Prioritise, Implement & Test Now that we understand the importance of the customer [...]

10 ways your Self Storage Management Software can automate your business [eBook]

(This article is in reference to Storman One.) Having worked in the self storage industry [...]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Experiences (Part 2)

Part 2: Creating Content and Driving Emotion Touchpoints and Content In Part 1 of this [...]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Experiences (Part 1)

A Customer Journey is the term given to the complete experience that a customer goes [...]

Top 5 things you should do (but typically don’t) to keep your self storage facility full

Most of the time, the ideas for my posts come from random moments of inspiration [...]

Why Your Business Should Invest in Digital Real Estate

Self storage industry valuer, Malcolm Collins, recently wrote about freehold property worth. In his piece, [...]

How Analysing Current Storers Can Help You Find Future Storers

As any self storage facility knows, current and past storers provide a wealth of information [...]

Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry [Slide deck]

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) [...]